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and still there's no video of us.

Neither in the times, we were frequently buskin' on the
Kaiser-Josef-Strassein Freiburg,

nor at ÖKO '88 und '90 in Freiburg,

nor at several countryfestivals (e.g. in Saalbach, Östereich)
- - we'll probably never understand, how we got there - - ...,

nor at a private party at Zirkus Krone,

nor at a Chrismas-party of the Jazz&Rocks-School Freiburg,

nor at the Zelt-Musik-Festival,

nor at all those numerous private and official occasions in Germany and Switzerland
... nor at the Fricktaler Bluesfestival,

..did we manage to make a video of us, that could really describe what we're doin'.

At the Open-Air-Festival of FNNK near Klingnau/CH
we thought of everything - and brought a camera -
... ... ...........
I don't remember, what killed the film -
I think, a thunderstorm came...a flash...