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Andreas Schaps (banjo) graphic artist in Freiburg/Germany
Mike Krüll (washtub bass) copy writer and Creativ-Director in Zürich

What we're doing?
Some called it "musical-cabaret"...
Well, we do sort of musical parodies,
Mike usually says, it's idiot music for intelligent people ...

We usually get invited for our one-hour-show
for any kind of official or private occasions, like:
festivals, wedding-, anniversary-, company- and even housewarming-parties.
Or just for the fun of it...

For about an hour we give you and your guests hell of a good time,
and - - as I was told again some days before - -
it's not seldom, that our "customers"
have sore face-muscels next day, from laughing...

Well, that still does not discribe us enough...
Best is, you see us... live ! (better than dead, anyway ...)

Or...have a look on this
Zeitungsartikel an.
This describes us quite good.